Bahrain’s arrests of opponents show unsettling pattern of abuse

McClatchy May 25, 2011 *Interviews and email exchanges with relatives of four of the jailed politicians yielded startlingly similar stories of dramatic and humiliating middle-of-the-night raids by 30 to 40 masked gunmen, followed by weeks of beatings and abuse in custody. None of the men has been charged with a crime.*

Bahraini police taking aim at reporters, teachers

McClatchy May 25, 2011 *Bahraini authorities have begun an assault on local journalists working for international news agencies — with arrests, beatings and, apparently in one instance, electric shock.

Blindfolded, beaten and tortured: grim new testimony reveals fate of Bahrain’s persecuted doctors

Independent May 10, 2011 *Interviews obtained by The Independent from inside Bahrain tell of ransacked hospitals and of terrified medical staff beaten, interrogated and forced into signing false confessions. Many have been detained, their fate unknown.*

Bahrain: Arbitrary Arrests Escalate

Human Rights Watch, Bahrain May 04, 2011 *Security forces arrested two former members of parliament from Bahrain’s largest opposition group, Human Rights Watch said today.* *Authorities have also intensified their campaign against medical professionals in recent days, arresting at least seven more doctors, including the former head of the Bahrain Medical Society.*

Human rights activist may have been severely tortured

Bahrain Center for Human Rights, May 07 2011 *In regards to Alkhawaja’s case, Abdulhadi was seen at the Bahrain Defense Force hospital. According to sources his face was unrecognizable due to the severity of the torture…Parts of his face and head had to be stitched due to the injuries.* Abdulhadi Alkhawaja is the former president […]

UN urges Bahrain to free detained activists

Al Jazeera, May 05 2011 *The United Nations human rights chief has called for Bahrain to free activists it has seized since crushing anti-government protests and for an independent probe into allegations of torture. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay’s remarks on Thursday were the sharpest international criticism yet of the crackdown in […]

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