Military Invasion

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The Bahraini monarchy warns about outside influences while using foreign armies to brutally deprive most of the country’s citizens their basic rights.


Neighboring countries that fear democracy have militarily invaded Bahrain at the request of the king. The Gulf Cooperation Council approved a force that arrived in Bahrain in March, and the council has now become a tool for suppressing democracy. Saudi Arabia has led the invasion force by supplying over 1,000 troops.


The Bahraini monarchy uses foreigners to ruthlessly dominate the public. The monarchy does not allow the majority of Bahrain’s public to serve in the security forces because they are Shias and imports people from elsewhere, such as Pakistan. This allows the Bahraini security forces to act in ways alien to a force raised from all local communities.

Bahraini’s pro-democracy protests have massive popular support. This February protest had at least 100,000 people.


Saudi Arabia sent columns of tanks in a military invasion on March 14. Many of Bahrain’s worst abuses, such as the military occupation of Salmaniya hospital, occurred after the Saudi troops arrived.


“Commenting on the deployment of troops from the Peninsula Shield Force in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the wake of violent protests, [U.S. Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton said it was a sovereign right for Bahrain to seek help from GCC member states under the joint defense treaty they had signed*
Clinton renews US commitment to GCC security, Kuwait News Agency

Yes, this really was posted in Kuwait. Just click on the link…

Bahrain’s king imports foreigners to rule over his nation’s people. They receive lucrative housing and citizenship, while the security forces function as the king’s army in dominating the public.


*In Sanabis, there was no sign of any protest, and as I was walking I was shocked to see riot police cars followed by unmarked cars entering the village fast and shooting randomly. They stopped near a school and about 100 armed riot police and masked armed civilians came out, roaming around the village shooting at anything that moved.

They ran after a group of people who were walking by and they entered one of the houses after seeing someone running inside, and they arrested him and beat him.*

A chilling account of the brutal clampdown sweeping Bahrain

The Al Khalifa regime’s use of police to violently repress communities has led to great resentment, and individuals have violently attacked Pakistani laborers that work in construction. These laborers will need to be looked after and cared for. Unfortunately, the Al Khalifa regime has used their plight to further justify its brutal domination.


Protests’ Timeline ===>

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